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Towson Global - Services

TowsonGlobal offers an array of services to its member companies. Whether you are looking for quality commercial office space, guidance on fine-tuning your business plan, suggestions on sources of capital, or information on foreign marketing and sales, we have the resources you need to prosper.

Our services include:

  • First-class Facilities
    The Business Globalization Center is conveniently located in Towson, MD, adjacent to the metropolitan campus of Towson University. The Center offers the following features:

    Office Space
    • 5,100 square feet equipped with ample parking
    • Flexible physical space including utilities and janitorial services
    • Large conference/presentation room
    • Small meeting room
    • Copy room
    • Kitchen

    Office Resources
    • Basic telephone services
    • Basic photocopying services
    • Fax machine

    Technological Resources
    • High-speed Internet access
    • Onsite development for website development, management, and hosting
    • IT consulting and support

    Towson Global
  • Educational Enhancement
    Members may attend Brownbag Lunches and Seminars (PDF) to gain valuable knowledge on a variety of topics of interest to companies who seek to succeed in both the domestic and international marketplaces.

    TowsonGlobal draws from a variety of sources to enhance learning:
    • Incubator staff
    • Towson University faculty and staff
    • Partner organizations
    • Public and private sector resources
    • Sponsors
    • Maryland Incubator Network
  • Customized Counseling
    Since each and every business is unique, TowsonGlobal offers one-on-one mentoring on issues of particular importance to each member company.

    Issues may include:
    • Legal services offered by a local law firm
    • Banking services
    • Accounting services
    • Human resources
    • Business plan assessment
  • Networking
    TowsonGlobal facilitates networking among member companies and important contacts from other organizations locally and internationally. TowsonGlobal members also will gain access to events organized by other entities.

    Members may experience a variety of networking opportunities with the following entities:
    • Business associations
    • Potential sources of funding
    • Service providers
    • Local, state, federal and foreign government officials
  • Organizational Resources
    By joining TowsonGlobal, members can have access to many organizational
    • Student workers from Towson University
    • Geographic information systems technology from the Center for GIS
    • Economic and fiscal impact analysis from RESI – Applied Economics
    • IT and technological support from RESI – Information Systems Solutions
    • Business planning and advice from the Small Business Development Center


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